Brunell S.C.S® offers a unique approach to all facets of Talent Acquisition & Development

Consultancy, Argumented Trainning & Deployment

"It's one thing to acquire talent, but it takes strategy to develop and mine skill."

BSCS has a sustained track record of serviing our clients as Preferred Subcontractor Partner in a wide variety of Advanced Service Projects.

Our ability to operate with responsive flexibility based on demand is highly valued by our clients and we are proud to offer creative soulutions in the face of business challenges.

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Brunell provides a skilled, dependable resource for filling short and long-term assignments. Because Brunell supplies such high quality candidates, our clients often wish to hire them on a permanent basis. Brunell is always happy to negotiate terms and conditions to allow for a seamless transition.

Direct Hire

Brunell provides a dedicated, ongoing search program at a negotiated fee, backed by a replacement guarantee. The fee applies when one of our clients hires a Brunell candidate within one year of resume submittal.

We also strategically source passive target candidates absolving you from non compete clauses. Based on your critieria we are able to provide and initiate an introduction to direct sourcing talents and allow you run the process in order to confirm your chemistry before making decisions.

Payroll Services

Brunell SCS is happy to provide payroll services, assuming all payroll administration so your company doesnt have to. Our payroll services provide you with total flexibility for temporary staffing.

Additional Value Added Services Provided By Brunell

Reference Checking (including Employment and Education Verification, Credit and Criminal Checks)

Candidate Assessment Tools ( including: Knightsbrige Assesments, DISC, Workplace Motivators, Attribute Index, Trimetrix, Job Benchmarking, Performance Surveys, Integration Coaching)

Outplacement Services. Brunell can work with your organization to provide outgoing employees with all the necessary networking, job hunting, resume writing, and interviewing skills that will assist them in finding a new role.

Outsourced HR: Brunell offers its clients a comprehensive range of HR consulting services your organization needs to meet its recruitment goals